10 Up Down Left Right Xbox One Themes to Download

Xbox One Themes

So you’ve got Windows 10 and you’re not sure your current background theme utilises the new layout, well fear not… Up Down Left Right has got you covered, we’ve created a number of unique Xbox One Windows 10 themes for you to install onto your Xbox One with the side icons and header (Home – Community – OneGuide – Store) in mind.

Take a look below at the 10 we have added. (Click to enlarge)

How Do I Add These To My Xbox One?

Firstly download the image you’d like and save it to a USB device, then turn on your Xbox One and go to your Settings app on your Xbox One, this can be found under My Games & Apps. Then select Personalisation and scroll across to My Colour & Background, 3 items will then appear, select My Background, followed by Custom Image. At this point please ensure that your USB device is inserted into your Xbox One and then select the USB device. You should then have access to all of your folders and files within the root, select an image that you would like to have as your background so that it opens up full screen. Press the Option/Start button and a pop up menu will appear with 3 options, select Set As Background. Once selected return to your Dashboard and your new shiny background will be there in all it’s glory.

These are just a number we’ve started doing, it you have particular requests please let us know and we will possibly make some based on your ideas.+

Which one of these are your favourite and if you’re using us send us a screenshot so we know which ones are most popular and it will give us an idea when making more in the future.

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