7 Things Not To Do When Faced With A Tank On Battlefield 1

While playing Battlefield 1 over the weekend one of our members (not naming any names….Steve) was faced with the daunting terror of starting down the barrel of a tank. Most normal people would have either run away had they not had the means to attack the tank or grab some anti-tank explosives to cause some massive damage, not Steve though… in his moment of glory he merely threw an ammo pack at the tank, the rest of the situation as you can imagine ended with Steve’s character being in pieces. With this being said here are 7 other things not to do when faced with a tank on Battlefield 1

1. Don’t inject it

Playing as a medic class certainly has its benefits when supporting the team and keeping players alive or revived however we don’t think the needle can penetrate the armour of the tank, you will definitely be hoping a fellow medic team mate comes by to pick up the pieces.

2. Never crawl under a tank

One simple suggestion could be to lay prone and attempt to crawl under the middle of the tank. In theory this sounds like an effective idea as you may be able to stick some explosives to the belly of the tank, however it’s going to be quite obvious that in Battlefield 1 you’re going to end up as road kill

3. Melee does not work

Running full speed with a bayonet is a very effective way to kill off an enemy, running full speed with a bayonet at a tank is a not so effective way to kill of an enemy. You will be laughed at and then humiliated.


Tank Always Wins…

4. Do not read how to destroy a tank instructions

We’ve all got that one friend who insists on reading the manuals when playing for the first time or working out new ideas. Pulling the manual out of your backpack may work in single player but in multiplayer said tank is going to turn you into mincemeat and the instructions into ash

5. Don’t kamikaze a plane

Trust us, we’ve tried on a number of occasions with no luck. All that tends to happen is suicide…we’re not even sure the tanks get damaged when nose diving a plane into them.

6. Don’t teabag the tank

Teabagging is an old school insult that is still running strong now, had you just teabagged a camping sniper then it’s fine. We do not recommend climbing on top of a tank and teabagging it however, you will find your nuts to be blown clean off.

7. Do not take lunch break

We get it, war is tough and demanding, sometimes you just need a break (like we all do). The wife’s ham and mustard sandwiches are packed in your backpack and they’ve been teasing your taste buds all day. You think why not take a 15 minute break and enjoy this lovely sandwich… your best friend just had to write a letter to your wife…

These are our 7 top tips when up against a tank, let us know some of yours on social media or in the comments below.

It doesn’t matter how goofy or serious they are, let us hear them.

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One thought on “7 Things Not To Do When Faced With A Tank On Battlefield 1”

  1. Curtis Howson says:

    Do not take a selfie with a tank. Yes it can be a once in a lifetime experience but trust me it will be once in a lifetime failure.

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