8 things we want to see in Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange was initially released in January of 2015. Reviews were mixed; some weren’t completely won over by the characters of Max and Chloe, or by the overarching story of mystery and suspicion. However as the series continued, and the choices became more important, naysayers were soon won over by the time-turning protagonist and her extraordinary story.

In a special message from the developers of Life is Strange, they thanked the community of fans for their dedication and passion, and confirmed that they are working on a sequel. Currently there are no details about what to expect from Life is Strange 2, but there’s so much that made the previous season great, which should be included in the sequel.

Spoilers ahead for the first season!

1. Please follow Max’s story again

Max’s character was incredibly likeable from the very beginning. She was quiet, un-assuming and still developing into an adult. The influences of teenage problems combined with a surreal talent for turning back time made her a complex and intriguing protagonist. It would be weird to not have the dynamic character of Chloe in the game, but it would be interesting to see Max dealing with this loss. Of course they could decide to move completely away from the characters in the first season, but that would be such a shame. There’s so much from the first season which could be explored or needs to be explained…

2. Please explain how and why Max can turn back time 

It was such a pivotal part to the game. It impacted the choices we made, aided story telling and even made for some fun moments. Yet the game never clearly explains how or why Max has this power. Perhaps the developers didn’t want to go too far down a Science Fiction route, but it’s something that should be addressed in the second season.

3. Make Max’s choices from season 1 have consequences in season 2

This is something which could be hard to achieve, and would not be applicable to players new to the game. But so much of the appeal  for the series lies in the choices that can be made, it would seem strange to completely erase these choices. It would be very jarring to have Kate Marsh as one of the supporting characters, if in the last season the player saw her die. This may be something which is too difficult for the developers to incorporate, which could even persuade them to create a completely new cast, but hopefully they can find a way around it.

4. Be sure to have a beautiful soundtrack again 

The emotional moments in Life is Strange would be completely lessened without the fantastic music accompanying the scenes. I remember first walking down the school’s corridor with the enchanting music playing, and feeling that I was already completely lost in the game. It’s a rare thing to feel in a game, and Life is Strange certainly achieves it. I’m sure the development team are already searching for those perfect songs once more.

5. Less time between releases 

Please don’t keep us waiting as long. Some of the episodes would be released months apart, which meant we all spent way too much time worrying or contemplating over certain events in the game. They should still release the game in an episodic format, but ensure that the time in-between releases is not too long.

6. A free roam area 

It would be expecting way too much to want the whole game to be open world. However it would be great to have an area where the protagonist (hopefully Max) can relax and unwind. The most obvious place would be the school. To be able to walk around the school and interact with certain characters, outside of story-driven events, would help make the setting even more engaging and provide plenty of opportunities to play the game without solely focusing on completing the story. It could also provide more opportunities for quirky and fun moments.

7. More simple yet great moments 

From opening a window and letting a bird in, to saving Alyssa from getting hit with a ball or falling in a pool. There were plenty of fun little moments which didn’t add to the story, but made the game that bit more engaging and fun. Certainly this is something that has to be in the sequel.

8. Keep the powerful relationships 

Max and Chloe shared a really special bond. Being in Chloe’s room as she lay in her bed and smoked was one of the best parts of the game. It gave a fascinating insight into each character and allowed each to become much more well rounded and likeable. Even Max’s friendship with Kate was sincere and felt real. These relationships felt so realistic and true, something that so many games fail to achieve.

There is no release date set for Life is Strange 2, but the development team are also working on a new game called Vampyr. It’s meant to focus on important choices again, while making the protagonist a vampire who wanders around a post World War One London. Stay tuned to Faceless Gaming to get all the information you need for both Life is Strange and Vampyr. 

Written by Stan Cohen

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