90 Minute Fever – The Football Management MMO

90 Minute Fever

Get the lads ready for pre-season training

90 Minute Fever has officially launched via STEAM™ Early Access offering a discounted subscription-based membership service. Inspired by classic management games such as Championship Manager, 90 Minute Fever is a feature-packed MMO allowing players to create and manage their very own footie-club by signing real players to compete against a thriving community of active opponents in a persistent online world.

90 Minute Fever challenges players to a fun, competitive and fair gameplay experience regardless of experience level. A growing community of fans and followers providing important feedback and feature-request making an impressive MMO even better supports the game.

Key Features

• True MMO in a single, persistent online world with a robust user-driven economy.
• Play live matches against real people using the interactive match-simulator. Watch how substitutions and tactical changes affect each match.
• Create and customize your very own club using the club-creation kit. Build upon an initial squad of players to make you competitive.
• Real players from all of football history is included using the built-in Time Portal system, adding players from the past to the present.
• Compete with experienced users testing your skills, talent and club to its limits.
• You don’t pay to win, you EARN to win, offering a fair, competitive and realistic gameplay experience without the need for a fat wallet.

Source: GamesPress

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