Active Soccer 2 DX Shoots and Scores Its Way To Xbox One

Xbox One has a brand new soccer football game in the shape of Active Soccer 2 DX, brought to you by the indie studio team The Fox Software.

Active Soccer 2 is a the sequel to the mobile classic of Active Soccer’s fast based top down game of football which offers easy to learn controls that are really responsive and a fun arcade experience for all ages.

The game plays a classic style of football, akin to the likes of Sensible Soccer and offers a full career mode where the fun starts from beginning as a 5th division English team and making your way through the divisions with your budget to attract better players and trying and testing the perfect tactics to suit you.

With Active Soccer 2 DX I wish the players found an alternative, fast, intuitive and engaging gaming experience. I would bring them to experience the emotions of the old classics soccer games, to fight on the pitch and cheer for a wonderful goal

Said Founder of The Fox Studio Gianluca Troiano

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What Does Active Soccer 2 Feature?

Active Soccer 2 offers the chance to play multiplayer games with up to 8 friends locally, picking from 850 teams both club and national with a database of 22,000 players, each with their own unique and individual skills. You’ll also have access to classic teams and players and can compete in custom competitions, with customised teams using the team editor.

The game also features varied weather conditions which can be experienced in a variety of camera angles, including vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

If you love your old school style football games from back in the day then we think you’re going to love this!

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