Alleged PS4 Slim Images Surface Online

Following a listing on UK second-hand site Gumtree, images of the alleged and yet-to-be-officially-announced PS4 Slim have been shown online for the first time.

The images apparently show a much smaller form factor for the PS4, with physical power and eject buttons at the front of the device. The connections at the back appear to have been slimmed down as well, with only an HDMI slot, ethernet connection and the PS4 camera USB slot as well as the power socket showing.

Interestingly, the box shown only shows a 500Gb model, although it is unclear if Sony will offer a more upgraded Hard Drive and there is also no sign of any kind of 4K labelling, making this PS4 Slim directly targeted at those people who don’t own one yet (there are still some around).

The differences in sizes between the original PS4 and the new Slim can be seen here.

If you want one, according to this Twitter feed, the PS4 Slim will release worldwide on September 14th, a date expected to be confirmed along with PS4 Neo at the upcoming Playstation event on September 7th in New York. Given how close these these dates are, between announce and release, it’s perhaps no surprise that we’re seeing the consoles out in the wild just now.

More images of the new Slim PS4 can be seen here.


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