Are Achievements and Trophies Still Relevant?

We all have that friend who will grind the game to get as many achievement or trophies as possible, or perhaps that sounds just like something you still do when playing through different games and keeping one eye keenly on the progress of your achievement or trophy progress

An Exciting Start


When the Xbox 360 and PS3 first introduced achievements and trophies players were getting to grips with regular notifications informing them of their reward unlock which was  very new concept, however if (like us) you saw an opportunity to brag to your friends about your gamerscore you would play the game specifically with unlocking achievements in mind, thus changing the normal approach you would have taken to play the game.

We did a little research some time ago and we discovered that the majority of gamers actually adjusted their playstyle with unlocking achievements/trophies in mind, however we did come across some gamers who weren’t worried about their gamerscore and they wanted to enjoy the game on it’s own merit. Players hunting for achievements often find themselves playing games on the hardest possible difficulty (if there is an achievement that requires completing the game on hardest difficulty) to make sure they can unlock as many possible achievements or trophies as possible in one play through.

100% Progress, YAY! DLC!!!? WTF!!


Nothing was more satisfying then spending (what seemed like a lifetime) many hours on a particular game and unlocking and finishing everything there is left to do. This left a sense of self satisfaction and honour at your accomplishment. Time to trade the game in you think to yourself, GREAT you’ve just got yourself a nice shiny copy of your next 100% challenge…

BREAKING NEWS, previous 100% game has just released some DLC and this offers the opportunity to increase you score! NO! You look back at your gamercard to see that your completion bar is now at something like 88% and you’ve just traded your game in for the game that is now in your hands that you feel like snapping in half. Your 100% is no in tatters and you cry into the sleeve of your new game…

What About Now? Are They Still Relevant?


Now this is no doubt a matter of opinion, some will still relentlessly play the game until the reach 100% and will commit to purchasing DLC to ensure their 100% record remains the same, others however simply do not have the time anymore to commit to such a nuisance or may feel disillusioned at their score becoming high and having any real purpose to it.

For example, I’m now on 70,000+ on Xbox, when I reached my first 10,000 and 50,000 it was quite a big deal but right now I barely care about the score on my Xbox One gamercard…HOWEVER the completion rate of particular games still matters to be a lot and I am guilty of adjusting my gamestyle to unlock all achievements.

My  personal score doesn’t seem to be so relevant any more, but getting 100% on all games is very relevant. Let us know your thoughts on Achievements and Trophies, do you still gun them down and show them off with pride or do you just prefer to casually enjoy the game?

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