Battlefield 1 Beta Won’t Require PS+ / Xbox Owners Require Gold To Play

It’s been confirmed that the upcoming Open Beta for Battlefield 1, launching 31st August on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, won’t require you to be a Playstation Plus subscriber to play online. However, Xbox One owners will still need to have a subscription to  play the beta when it becomes available.

The official Battlefield Twitter account confirmed the good news for PS4 owners via this tweet –


They also confirmed the bad news for Xbox One owners when pressed on the subject –



A bit of bad news for Xbox owners but those who are considering buying Battlefield 1 will more than likely have an XBox Live subscription anyway.

As for PS4 owners, if you like Battlefield 1, now might be the best time to stock up your PS+ subscriptions, especially since the price will be going up soon for those in the US.

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