Bringing the age to life in Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal

Ubisoft released a short documentary video exploring the recreation of the Stone Age that users will get to see in Far Cry Primal.

What does it take to create a game set 10,000 years ago?

The creation of a brand new language called Wenja which is roughly based on the European language known as Proto-Indo. This was an important part of the process to achieve the feeling of a stone age vibe and to match the expectations of authenticity.

“Making a Far Cry game set during the Stone Age was a bold task for Ubisoft Montreal, and it was through the combined effort of the directors, animators, programmers, but also experts such as historians, anthropologists and linguistics, and even movement coaches, that allowed Ubisoft Montreal to give life to the Stone Age. – Source:Gamespress

Far Cry Primal is available to purchase on the PS4, Xbox One from the 23rd February and will be available on Windows PC on 1st March

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