Dual Gear Gets Steam Greenlight Go Ahead!

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Dual Gear

Mech Tactical Turn Based indie game Dual Gear from developers Orbital Speed has now been given the green light on Steam, and the IndieGoGo campaign!

Dual Gear started off a IndieGoGo and Steam Greenlight a few days ago and they have been released updates ever since. The-Pre-Alpha demo footage shows the blending of Real Time Tactical Action, with a turn-based element (perfect for turn based combat fans), the game features many weapons including cannons, missiles, plasma rifles and more.

Players will take control of a 6 meter mech called Dual Gear and during each turn the player will be able to choose from running, gunning or boosting your armor to defend incoming attacks. As you can see in the video below…

All armors and part of the mech can be destroyed so the pressure of planning your next move is even more so important to think about planning a wise and strategic move. The game looks and feel like a classic Japanese Mecha video game.

So far Dual Gear has manage to raise $5K through IndieGoGo and the game launced on Steam with a 6th place position during the first week (not bad going!). Players who’ve been able to play the pre-alpha release have been providing plenty of feedback to the developers who plan to use this feedback in future updates.

Dual Gear is targeting a $60,000 target on IndieGoGo but based on current progress they’re doing well!

If you’d like to contribute to the game please visit IndieGoGo and help contribute and make this game happen for everyone. If you’re not convinced and need a trailer to help you make your mind up then see it below!

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