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MCM Expo Comic Con London was a great success and everyone there appeared to have a great time, in fact one of our Faceless Gaming team Peter managed to visit the event and interview Ash Cosplay.


1. How long how you been cosplaying for

I’ve been cosplaying since 2008

2. What got you in to cosplaying

Some of my friends were attending MCM comic con and asked me to come along, they said most people dress up so I went along ad Lara Croft

3. Who are you cosplaying as this weekend/why did you choose them to cosplay as? (during MCM London)

This weekend I cos played as both Widowmaker from Overwatch and Yenneger of Vengerberg from the Witcher 3. I enjoy picking strong female characters with costumes that push me to learn new skills

4. What gaming if any are you hoping to play this weekend at MCM London?

I didn’t get to play any unfortunately, I mostly attend for the cosplay

5. What games are you playing in your day to day life right now?

At the moment I’m playing Overwatch and Dragon Age Inquisition

6. What type of games do you enjoy playing?

Mostly RPGs

7. Who have you cosplayed as before?

I’ve cosplayed as many people over the years but my favourite costume is Yennefer

8. What would you say to someone thinking about getting in to cosplaying?

Do it, and don’t be afraid to suck at first. Cosplay is a constant learning curve for everyone

9. What games would you recommend to our followers to play?

The Witcher 3 if you haven’t played it

10. Are you a PC gamer or a console gamer?


11. What cons have you been to before?

Most of the major London conventions as well as Gamescom in Germany

12. What cons would you recommend for a first time con goer to go to?

LSCC, It’s by far my favourite London convention with a large cosplay element which I love

13. Have you ever done any modelling/working with gaming company/if not would you?

I have indeed, it is a lot of fun!

14. How long have you been a gamer for?

I have been gaming since about 2000 when I used to play the earliest Tomb Raider games

15. How long have you be a Twitch streamer/what made you start streaming?

I’ve been streaming since April 2016, I started because I wanted to be able o share my cosplay progress with everyone

The team at Faceless Gaming would like to thank Ash for taking the time to help us with this interview, we hope you have fun at your next events and we look forward to seeing more of your creativity. If you would like to follow Ash on Social Media please see below.


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