Farming Simulator now out on PS Vita

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Farming Simulator 16 for PS Vita

Roll up those sleeves and put on your farmer flat cap, it’s time to farm again… this time on PS Vita


The game is now available for the PlayStation Vita and is available to download or to purchase in retail stores throughout the country.

Farming Simulator 16 once again brings you into the fun and challenging world of a modern day farmer which includes tasks such as harvesting, selling crops, planting and animal husbandry in your very own little farm in a wide open world. As you progress through your career you will be able to gain access to further machines and farming vehicles from some of the most well known names in the farming industry.

There are a host of new features to Farming Simulator 16, such as new animals to feed that include sheep as well as cows, brand new equipment and vehicles and two new seed types in the form of sugar beet and potatoes! Included is also a new activity known as forestry, with it’s own individual machinery.

View the official launch trailer below.

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