FIFA 16 vs PES 2016

It’s that time of the year again, the annually rivalry between FIFA and PES is reignited, this time however we believe it’s a lot closer than recent years! Below we run through areas of the game and compare them to each other to see which one sits on top as the footballing king.



PES 2016 has had a massive overhaul this year, especially with the Master League presentation. A much easier way to navigate menus and see details about upcoming games, league tables and leading goalscorers on the fly. FIFA on the overhand is still very similar to FIFA 15‘s entry, this is not a bad thing. Match day presentation though FIFA is still leading. From last years EPL nameplates for the match presentation EA have gone onto acquiring the German Bundesliga presentation. PES 2016 has an advantage with the Champions League licences but not enough licences are available without the need to edit the team names is strips manually.

GOAL – FIFA (1-0)


The music for both games is similar throughout, a mixture of genres to please the majority. Music aside though PES 2016 is still very mundane unfortunately, especially with the commentary. Peter Drury gets incredibly excited at most efforts on goal, usually screaming the players name at the top of his lungs. FIFA has only improved on their commentary last year, during career mode the commentators, mainly Alan Smith will discuss upcoming and confirmed transfers, a nice little touch to give it that further element of realism. PES 2016 includes this on Master League too but it’s just not the same quality.

GOAL – FIFA (2-0)


FIFA uses the same successful formula that it has used over the last few years with a number of tweaks to the gameplay mechanics, AI seems more intelligent on the ball and tend to hold possession well (frustrating to some) but we noticed when it possession defenders will play risky balls along the back line which strikers can catch on to loose balls. PES 2016 this year however is a huge improvement in terms of gameplay, there is a lot more animations and tackles feel less scripted and take advantage of Konami’s Fox Engine, no two fouls look the same anymore. PES 2016 plays a very rewarding tactical game (more-so on harder difficulties).

GOAL – PES (2-1)



Both of these games are a joy to look at, player models are stunning for both games, the stadiums and the fans are impressive on both too. For the first time in PES 2016 there is Dynamic Weather, rain can start during the match and it effects gameplay, things like the ball physics, pass speed and players struggling to trap the ball in wet conditions, defenders also tend to slip in the rain. With all this included you can see dirt stains on the kit and the players actually look as if they are wet. Wet players on FIFA tend to look really shiny, almost plastic looking.

GOAL – PES (2-2)


End of the day both of this games are great fun to play and whether you’re a fan of FIFA or PES you won’t be disappointed with either. The 2015/2016 season is the closest it’s ever been!

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