Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Review

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With the fifteenth installment in the main Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV just around the corner, Square Enix’s new demo, Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo have gave players a little more depth into the main protagonist, Noctis and his world.

If you haven’t heard about Final Fantasy XV, the story is based around Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prince and protector of the last remaining kingdom with control over crystals, Lucis. The crystals themselves are a powerful source of magical energy, used for political and power. Once located in many kingdoms but lost by warfare, only time will tell when the next war will break out over the last remaining crystals.

Final Fantasy’s Platinum Demo revolves around a fragmented dream that Noctis is having as a child. Accompanied by your dream guide, its Noctis and more importantly the players job to help Noctis escape his dream.

The dream world itself is rich with texture and detail, with each level being more impressive than the next. The levels include forests, villages, towns, cities and even a cats bowel! The graphics within the demo are beautiful, but doesn’t bring much to the table, instead the effects in the game are the most awe-inspiring, as the demo shows off its features like a reel wheel allowing you to trigger plates located on the floor. The features shown are vastly detailed, such as weather changes and time manipulation including day and night. The plates are located in each level, showing the effects in different areas. The most impressive feature was the weather, particularly the rain situated in the village area. Other impressive features were the lighting and effects for magic and bombs, such as the rainfall and fireworks found in the demo. Rainfall as you can expect showers hail and rain at the enemies while the firework fires of a singularity of different fireworks. While in the demo, the player can only pick up these two types of magic and bomb. magic and bombs in the demo looks to be very impressive on the eye.

The plates don’t just stop at effects and weather patterns, you’ll also be able to drive one of the vehicles and transform into a bear like creature which all have their own controllers for example while playing as the creature you can run and attack. While playing as the creature, It did get a little tiresome and a big disappointment in my eyes as the creature only had one attack and it was repeatedly in use with the same camera angle. The driving, which will be a massive part in Final Fantasy XV was slow but smooth (Was driving a fish truck). Hopefully in the full game’s release this will be changed for other vehicles.

Audio in Final Fantasy’s demo was excellent, the music in and out of combat are impressive although out of combat music seemed to repeat, which was tiresome at times. In combat music was great, having a orchestra as backing allows players to fell empowered and enjoy the tense and exciting combat. Voice acting in the demo was minimal with only a few names spoken at the start, with a sentence said here and there by other actors. Most talking was in subtitles from the dream guide. Sound effects in the demo were impressive with sounds like rainfall, footsteps, enemy noises and character sounds such as the dream guide.

Combat as a child, you’d likely find weapons and items to be scarce, but luckily child Noctis brought his wooden sword and squishy hammer! Combat itself has changed dramatically compared to other Final Fantasy games, as now the combats not turned based but real time strategy, but don’t worry combat in the demo is fluent. Combat itself is easy to use with either single button pressing to dodge manually or attack manually or holding a button to automatically evade enemies attacks and automatically attack the nearest foe. Stronger opponents and particular attacks can not be automatically dodged. Combat at the beginning of the demo is a little repetitive with the combo’s that child Noctis can do is minimal, up to 4 hits. But as I say child Noctis, adult Noctis transforms the game play, combat becomes much more engaging and exciting as you can pull of some impressive moves. The combos that Noctis can do as an adult are also improved as Noctis can gain up to around 10 hits with each weapon. As well as weapons, magic and bombs can also be equipped to bring the enemy to their knees. The inventory allows weapons and items to be assigned with the D-pad for quick activation in combat. Sadly the demo only allowed the player one fight to play as adult Noctis. Movement while in combat and out is fluent, much like Drakes uncharted.

The inventory itself is simple enough with your inventory items situated on the right and the quick assign slots on the left. At a quick glance the inventory does seem to be missing something, hopefully categories and other inventory management can be added to help the player as all magic, bombs and weapons are mixed in the inventory.

The back story of the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo was short sighted in my opinion, The company explained that the demo will feature a separate back story for Noctis, the story didn’t give much to what will happen in the main game, nor did it really show Noctis’s back story, bar that he’s in a fragmented dream. It was more of a show off demo than an actual story line.

The summary, the graphics are stunning but its nothing special for a demo, the audio is great but it certainly has its moments where it lacks, the features shown in the demo could have been a lot more interesting, and the only thing that properly grabbed my attention was the combat at the end of the Demo. It was interesting but does it really give me more of a reason to get the game on release? No. I was excited, the main game’s story seemed to be impressive but the demo lacks, I do not hope that driving a fish truck and having creatures with one attack is all that Square Enix can bring to the table, I certainly won’t be excited.

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