Fortnite Halloween Update and Horde Bash Leaving

Epic games posted a cryptic tweet a few days ago saying “Something spooky is around the corner…” which had led fans into believing there will be Halloween inspired content over the next few days. Fans would be correct in assuming so, the update known as Fortnitemares will start off this week and adds a brand new zone to play in called Hexsylvania where players can roam the “endless halls of flickering candles or the thick fog creeping across the map”

What’s included?

Bundled with this update will be 25 new story quests, two spooky creatures known as Head Husk and Vampire Taker, a spooky llama, two new weapons in the form of Pumpkin Launcher (we can’t wait to see this one) and Grave digger and eight new themed Heroes

With this new mode incoming it odes mean the mode Horde Bash will be leaving come October 26th to make way for the Fortnitemares update. When Horde Bash ends all existing currency from the brawl will be converted up to 1000 scavenger tickets, said Epic. Both free-to-play and paid players will be able to participate in Fortnitemares.

See For Yourself

Are you excited about the update, sad to see Horde Bash leave? Let us know

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