Fractured Space FREE this weekend!

It’s not very often we get to download free games to keep, but the very generous chaps from Edge Case Games have made MOBA Fractured Space free to download, install and KEEP! That means anyone who downloads the game this weekend will be able to keep it forever with no extra costs at all! Follow the link to find the game! – Fractured Space on Steam

Fractured Space also includes a new update which enhances both the performance and gameplay, along with resetting the game’s Tech Tree to it’s finalised version. All Ships, experience and credits earned from no one will be reflected in the final game pencilled for a late 2016 release. The reset will put all players at Level 1 as they will have to start building a fleet of the game’s huge capital ships by successfully playing in team-based online battles.

Today’s update brings us one step closer to the full release of Fractured Space and we want to celebrate the game’s progress by giving everyone a chance to play and own the game for free. Whether you have played in the past or not, this is a great moment to start your adventure with Fractured Space, with a chance to make your mark as a new Captain on equal footing with all players.

Said James Brooksby, CEO of Edge Case Games

What’s It Like?

Well check out the trailer and find out for yourself

What Is The Game About?

Fractured Space is a team based space combat game fought in gigantic capital ships with the intense action of a shooter and the long-tern planing of a strategy game. The game first launched on Steam Early Access in November 2014 and received both critical and commercial success. So far the game has 400,000 users playing the game regularly as it continiously evolves using an open development model where the community is encouraged to talk directly to the development team, which influences the development of the final game.

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