Funcom’s theme park horror ‘The Park’ coming to PS4 & Xbox One

The Park

Not your typical abandoned theme park

Funcom have revealed that their Theme Park horror is coming to both the PS4 and the Xbox One on May 3rd. This is Funcom’s first console release since Dreamfall: The longest Journey 10 years ago

“We are thrilled to develop games for consoles again,” says Funcom CEO Rui Casais. “Not only because ‘The Park’ is a great fit for console gaming, but the process has also given us a lot of experience which we can use for some of our upcoming games, like ‘CONAN EXILES’.”

This games ice colds chills and spine tingling adventure was launched last year sometime around Halloween for PC users. Within weeks it became a massive success especially with online streamers where it generated over 10 million views over the various platforms.

You play as Lorraine, a self-described “bad mother” who finds herself after hours at an amusement park searching for her lost son, Callum. Naturally, things get weird and creepy from there. You’ll be exploring the dark depths and creepy areas of the park whilst coping with panic, paranoia and dealing with certain aspects of Coulrophobia as you progress and unravel Lorraine’s story. The game mainly focuses on a tense story and exploration options instead of fighting the “bad guys”

The Park

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