G Prime coming to XBOX ONE

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A gravity gripping, Steampunk-styled, moody-beautiful, slingshot simulating puzzle pleaser. If you like Gravity Sling, Blast Off or Gears of Gravity then we’re sure you will like this too!

G Prime will be available for Xbox One on 6th January 2016

This game was originally released on iOS devices in 2008 and G Prime has recently ran a Steam Greenlight campaign which is still on-going.

The main gameplay is based around slingshot-styled gravity play, G Prime will also allow players to invest in the in-game stock market of which will hold a significant role in the game’s story. You can check out the teaser footage of the game below:

This is what the Oregon based studio have to say about their game

…an incoming solar-system spanning cloud of rock, ice, metal, and other asteroids containing precious materials. This creates a boundless opportunity for wealth, and this is where you come in. In your role as sounding officer onboard Ptolemy Station, you are tasked with launching sub-etheric reconnaissance rockets into increasingly challenging gravity fields of iceteroids, theophosphorus, and quicksand clouds within The Rain in order to chart its vast riches.




  • Set the speed and trajectory of each sub-etheric reconnaissance rocket, and launch into increasingly challenging gravity fields of iceteroids, theophosphorus, and quicksand clouds
  • Ping each target as your rocket slingshots around obstacles, and use a limited afterburner to adjust your course


  • A deep, compelling storyline makes G Prime more than just a puzzle game
  • Choose between a host of ruthless corporations, each with its own rewards model – pick the one that matches your strategy to maximize profits
  • Gorgeous, hand painted art
  • Eerily atmospheric music


G Prime is the 3D Arcade-Inbred update to Soma Games award-winning iOS game from 2008. It’s the game we WANTED to make back then …but didn’t know how.

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