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As a person who has an interest in game development, I try to find as any tools I can to learn more and expand my knowledge on what is available to utilise. I have tried to use Crytek, Unity, Unreal, Axis Game Factory, GameMaker, RPG Maker and finally, our subject of today, GameGuru, to create games and assets. The Game Guru software is a handy tool for beginners who want to skip on the 3D art and programming and focuses more on gameplay and level design for early learners. Released today, a new update for the engine has a myriad of new features in its latest update.

Lee Bamber, the CEO of Game Creators said “This update is the most significant release since the launch of GameGuru and introduces  an incredible boost in performance for most users. In addition to increased frame rates, you can expect a number of long-requested feature improvements, such as entity group selection in the editor and improved help system.” Before this update had been released, I did notice some things that I could have told the company about while using GameGuru, things that are going to be mentioned here.

Let’s take a look at the new significant improvements to the creation tool that have been released. The core engine has been entirely converted to C++ language giving a huge performance boost for all GameGuru users. The engine has also been optimised to use all the power possible from the user’s processor and graphics card. I did think to myself while using the program before that it’s possibly only using a single core, I might have a toaster for a computer but it’s not… terrible, it has a 4 core CPU and could handle a lot of stuff so I think this update should be great for me and a lot of users seeing as the minimum requirements is a 2 core processor, great for anybody to use.

Screenshot from

(A great example of what can be achieved in this creation tool:

There is also help for new users with a range of video tutorials and new getting started guide to help them with all aspects of the software instead of dropping you in the middle of it all like… Dark Souls, there we go, knew I could find something to reference. The guides are archived on Twitch with easy access and plenty of videos available to anyone curious on the aspects of designing a game. The Development Director of the Game Creators, Rick Vanner, said “This is an exciting and necessary step for the development of GameGuru. Our beta testers have seen a 100% speed increase and have helped us fine tune this great build.” 100% sounds a bit optimistic but considering the changes the Game Creators have done considering the workload being pushed to all CPU cores, the improvements could be as massive as they say.

For anyone interested in game development and learning from scratch, GameGuru is a great place to start as it features pre-made characters, set pieces, weapons and entities to make your own game and world how you see fit and a great gateway to further your skills as a game developer by moving on to different software.

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