Hellbound’s Closed Beta now live on Steam

Hellbound, Closed Beta, Steam

Prepare your nukes to obliterate demons in hell because Saibot Studios,developers behind popular horror series Doorways, has announced that Hellbound closed beta is live now on Steam. More than 20,000 players who have signed up for access, will start receiving their beta keys for free starting from today. Those who haven’t signed up yet, can still do it on the game’s Website hellboundgame.com.

The close beta gives access to Hellbound: Survival Mode, a single player arena of nonstop action that challenges players to withstand hordes of enemies as long as possible. Grab your shotgun and battle your way to the top. Leaderboards are written in blood, explosions and bullets!

Players can get instant access to the closed beta by pre-ordering “Hellbound: Definitive Access. They will also receive a copy of the game when the final version arrives on Steam.


Hellbound is the latest PC title by Saibot Studios, a first-person shooter in the vein of classics such as DOOM, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D, among many others. Experience fast-paced combats and gory violence against monstrous demonic enemies.

Features of Hellbound: Survival Mode

  • Put yourself in the shoes of Hellgore, a huge-ass mother-f*cker killing demons in Hell.
  • Annihilate 6 terrifying enemies with 5 guns of gruesome power
  • Experience blood splatter from a first or a third person point of view.
  • Gameplay based on speed, adrenaline and gore!
  • Original soundtrack: stunning metal beats to accompany the slaughter
  • Global Leaderboards to test your survival skills to the limit

Source: GamePress

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