Hitman PC Beta Available To Pre-Load and Play Today!

Hitman Beta

Need your Hitman kill fix? Well if you’re a PC user and have pre-ordered the Full Experience and Intro game pack digitally via Steam you’ll today be allowed to access the Hitman beta courtesy of Io-Interactive.

We previously reported details of the beta here, but if you didn’t get the chance to view that read on to see what’s included.

When Does It Start?

The PC beta starts today (Friday 19th Feb) later this afternoon and ends on Monday (22nd Feb). The beta has been labelled as “The Prologue” and takes place twenty years before the Showstopper mission in Paris. It is set in a secret ICA training facility which features an important part of Agent 47‘s life… the introductions to the ICA and the infamous Diana Burnwood. The Prologue will also be available as part of the first episode.

Learning New Kill Skills

During the beta players will be trained in the new gameplay mechanics and features in preparation for the March 11th release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. A chance to fine tune your skills for the release date.

View The Beta Trailer

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