Hyperdrive Massacres chaos unveiling date revealed!


After launching their first game on Steam, young and foolish indie folks at 34BigThings kept pushing the gas pedal. ID@Xbox local-multiplayer title Hyperdrive Massacre is now set to fulfill its destiny, bringing vintage laser battles to the next-gen console by Microsoft.

Wear an astronaut helmet, get behind the wheel of a space cadillac and throw down the gauntlet in this neon-fuelled arcade shooter in Spacewar sauce. Invite friends over, grab controllers, crack open a few*, lean back on the couch (or start jumping, your call), and enjoy the game on the platform it was designed for.

What Can I Do?

You’ll get to:
–       Pick between 8 cars and wreak havoc in 4 space arenas, with same as much content to be unlocked by playing;
–       Unleash an arsenal of 10 pick-up weapons including shotguns, grenades, homing missiles, energy spears, laser sniper rifles and mines, for your destructive amusement;
–       Play defensively without being tediously passive! By raising your front shield, you can bounce off bullets right in the face of your attackers. Ha ha, BOOM!
–       Enjoy 6 game modes, from basic Deathmatch to DeathRace, LastManStanding, Spong, and the RocketLeague-sque 2D SpaceSoccer;
–       Mock your friends for their lack of hand-eye coordination, while you master the challenging zero-friction movement system;
–       No friends around, or missing one player? Face the vicious AI and its 4 different difficulty settings.

Hyperdrive Massacre is coming to set your couch and CRT television ablaze on January 13th with a 20% discount for Gold members at launch.

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How do I put this... from the moment I was born I was trying to grab a controller. Gaming is part of my DNA, if I didn't have gaming I honestly don't know what I would do with myself. Nothing beats switching off from the real world and dropping into an apocalyptic world on very hard setting with one bullet remaining, 10 super charged enemies and 10% of health left...

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