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Coffin Dodgers

On Monday we brought you the news about Coffin Dodgers from Milky Tea Studios finally coming to Xbox One and PS4 –

Today we have had an EXCLUSIVE interview with the Managing Director and Founder of Milky Tea Studios Jon Holmes.

We managed to get in touch with Jon from the studio who has just returned from a sunny holiday and was more than happy to grant us an exclusive interview. See below the interview and what Jon has had to say regarding some of our questions.

What inspired you to create a game with old people in their scooters being chased by Grim Reaper?

It’s a bit of a long story but I was travelling on a boat on the Mekong River in Laos for a few days back in 2013. Imagine the film set from Rambo and your pretty close. Although I was actually on it with load of old retirees and not the youthful, backpackers you normally come to expect when backpacking. But it was a hilarious trip and I made loads of great friends. It got me thinking about growing old and whether we like it or not none of us are getting out of here alive and we are all being chased by the Grim Reaper. However, no matter how old we get we all have a part of us that is young at heart and wants to push ourselves and live life to the max. So I came up with the idea for a Grim Reaper character, a kind of comedic and clumsy villain – always making mistakes and failing to capture souls. Someone who is pretty bored of harvesting souls at the same time and in his own way wants to live his life to the max in a dark comedic way. We then came across lots of videos on YouTube of young guys pimping up and modifying mobility scooters and racing around neighbourhoods dressed as old people which was something we thought was awesome. This is where the original idea came from and it sort of snowballed from there. We wanted it to be very Family Guy and The Simpsons meets Wacky Races. We felt their wasn’t a kind of grown ups Mario Kart out there. We wanted a game that allowed players to have a bit of fun even if they didn’t really like racing games and is why we wanted hand-to-hand combat and rag doll physics. This is what really differentiates it from games like Mario Kart. Also with everything we create here at Milky Tea our projects all have an interesting story back-story and feature strong characters. The goal we set ourselves is that everything we make must work not just a game but potentially also as an animated TV series or range of Vinyl Toys one day.

Do you currently have any plans for a sequel to Coffin Dodgers?

I cant really tell you to much about this right now but at the end of Coffin Dodgers if you win as the Grim Reaper it unlocks a short animated cut scene where the Grim Reaper gives away a hint of a sequel. To give you an indication of this the Grim Reaper wants to bring back past world leaders and evil dictators in a kind of dead mans celebrity death match in pimped up scooters for a chance to win a place back on earth. Its very Spitting Image meets 2D TV and MTVs celebrity Death Match rolled into a crazy karting game. We are currently having a ball developing this idea further and talking to publishers to help us get this one off the ground. But it’s only early days yet and is really down to the success of Coffin Dodgers on console and demand from gamers. It might end up being a bigger and better sequel or just DLC content for the existing game. It’s something that is really existing everyone here so please watch this space as you never know.

Coffin Dodgers possible new recruits

You must be really excited to be having your game released on PS4 & Xbox One in 2016?

Yes this is huge for us. We have been getting a lot of stick for a while now for initially releasing Coffin Dodgers just on Steam but the Steam community has been awesome for us. They along with the Alienware Arena community have really helped us fine-tune the game in Early Access so we felt we owed them a bit of exclusivity. Although we feel it’s natural home is on console and we are made up to announce this. We feel their isn’t many games on PS4 and Xbox One where you can play local 4 player split screen modes so this is the perfect time to bring back these experiences to console. We have found the perfect partners in Wales Interactive to ensure the console game feels new and is a far better game all round. We will hopefully have a launch date very soon.

Are you working on any new titles at present?

Besides possibly developing new content or a possible sequel to Coffin Dodgers, which I mentioned earlier, we are working on another two game ideas. Again I can’t say much about these just now but a lot of what we are doing is based on the 3D Open World in Coffin Dodgers called Sunny Pines. We want to make Sunny Pines more than just another small town in a game. We are hoping to expand the world, add lots more detail and introduce new characters/stories that lead to lots of new interesting games. We will let you know more as soon as we are ready to announce things but we are looking at Steam, PS4 and Xbox One closely in 2016/17. As a studio we want to be a bit different from the rest and are constantly trying to innovate and create new fun experiences that we would play ourselves. We are currently doing this on really limited resources compared to most studios but we are really enjoying the challenge of punching above our weight. As a studio we have worked with some of the globes biggest and most desirable brands over the past 10 years so we have to just tailor the ingredients we used to drive success in the past to our current developments. It’s really exciting times for the studio as a whole and have lots of other exciting news that we are dying to share but I will have to leave at that for the time being.

Editors Note: Ooooh the sounds exciting!

The studio must have had a lot of laughs creating Coffin Dodgers, is there any particular moment on the game that always gets you laughing?

Yeah, Its been a tough but thoroughly enjoyable journey making this game. For us we have had to rope in a few ideas before it crossed the controversial line you could say. At one point in the development characters where meant to throw colostomy bags at one another for instance until a workshop with the local game specialist Studio School next door revealed that most kids didn’t know what they were. Anyway I think what gets me most about the game is the hand to hand combat in multiplayer mode. Everyone adopts different techniques to take each other out but we recently did PlayExpo in Manchester where husbands and wives where taking each other out and running over people etc. It’s the comedy rivalry that is totally unpredictable that gets me. With Coffin Dodgers we didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, just add other layers of fun and interaction. And bring a bit of dark humour back to gaming.

We’re really excited for this to be released on Xbox One and PS4 and we can’t wait to get a hands of the game very shorty. We will be playing this shortly and shall be letting you all know more about Coffin Dodgers as we play it.

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