Joseph M’s 2015 Top 5 of 2015!

Here we are at the end of 2015 and we finally get to evaluate the year of gaming. This year we have had quite an explosion of massive AAA games, but also undeniably incredible indie games. So here is my personal “Best Games of 2015”.


Quick disclaimer – MINOR SPOILERS


5) “Cities: Skylines” – Colossal Order


The 3rd instalment of the ‘Cities’ series by the Finnish indie developers, it was everything the highly anticlimactic 2013 ‘SimCity’ should have been (bravo on that by the way EA).

The DRM free city builder has many, many hours of enjoyment in store for anybody who wants to build their paradise: the ability to purchase land outside the standard borders, the huge modding community, the brilliant building and zoning controls and the ability to get down and watch your people go about their daily lives.

My only drawback for this game is that once you reach a high population your city becomes clogged full of traffic, however, this game is still brilliant enough to make it onto slot 5 of my best games 2015.


4) “StarCraft 2 – Legacy of the Void Expansion” – Blizzard Entertainment


The final expansion for Blizzard’s 2010 RTS to complete the incredibly written story. Although it isn’t a game of its own, it is classed as a ‘standalone expansion’ therefor I’m putting it on the list.

The expansion follows the Protoss as they reunite their race (Yes that does include the Tal’darim, who’d have guessed that!?) and defeat the evil Xel’naga ‘Amon’.

The story is riveting and nail biting whilst some new editions/changes to units and gameplay brings it to 4th place on my list.


3) “Tales from the Borderlands” – Telltale Games


I always knew that my third place would have to be a Telltale game, but I chose TFTB over Game of Thrones.

The voice acting is incredible and scenes such as the accountants finger gun fight on board Helios had me in fits of laughter. Telltale manage to create a brilliant story from 4 original characters as well as a mix of everybody’s old favourites: all five episodes had moments of sorrow (I’m so sorry Scooter) and moments of pure joy. For those reasons it makes it to third place!


2) “Star Wars Battlefront” – EA Dice


Yes I know most people will hate me for putting this game in 2nd place, but I love it so much.

I spent the majority of my childhood playing Battlefront 1 & 2 on my trusty Playstation 2, so you can imagine my joy when I found out they were remaking it.

I managed to play the Beta on PS4 and although it infuriated me as they had changed quite a lot, and since it was the beta there were some massive balancing issues my hopes had been bashed a bit. I got it 2 days before release and so managed to get a jump start on the general population, and by the end of the first week I was hooked. At the time of writing I’m level 46 and enjoying smashing apart the Christmas Day noobs (this is why God hates me).

With its lack of single player putting off some people (no EA those missions do not class as single player) I find that it is still fun and the ease of “jump-in jump-out” action make it brilliant if you just want to cram a game in before work at 5:30am.

For its action packed and quite fun gameplay: it’s my numero due.


Drum roll please…


“Fallout 4” – Bethesda Game Studios


I’m sure everyone here is surprised that (given my previous article, yes this is sarcasm) Fallout 4 is my GOTY.

Whilst having some major teething issues on the PC version and having some gameplay faux pas on all versions, it is a Bethesda game and let’s face it: they’re always buggy as hell on release (if you still play Oblivion like I do, on PS3 it’s still buggy as hell to this day.)

But I’m digressing here, Fallout 4 has a brilliant plot even if the ending is a little lacklustre. I enjoyed the gameplay throughout and enjoyed shoving it to those pompous Brotherhood arse wipes.

I have waited many years for a true sequel to Fallout 3 and with Fallout 4, well let’s just say, I still haven’t caught up on my social life.

That is why this my truly coveted (by a lot of people I’ll have you know) 2015 Game of the Year goes to Fallout 4.


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