Joseph M’s Most Anticipated of the New Year!

Now that 2015 is in the past let us look forward, unto the year that lies in wait: and the games it will bring. So here are my top 5 most anticipated games of 2016, bring it on.


5) “Homefront: The Revolution” – Dambuster Studios (Release Date TBA 2016)

homefront rev

The follow up to 2011’s somewhat disappointing “Homefront”, and I hear you ask, why are you looking forward to this then? The answer? CryEngine: after DICE’s Frostbite engine, the CryEngine is one of my favourite engines to run an FPS and if they make various improvements on 2011’s poor AAA FPS competitor I’m sure this will be brilliant.

I also think that the idea of a Korean invasion is pretty original topic that is overlooked quite often in these pseudo-futuristic FPS games.


4) “For Honor” – Ubisoft Montreal (Release Date TBA)


Hahahaha hahah ha ha haaa, like Ubisoft would ever actually release another game I’d like forward to.


Iis this a totally new IP that Ubisoft are doing? AND it’s a medieval hack’n’slash!?

Well Ubisoft, as long as you don’t fill it up with Uplay crap (because they’d never do that) and keep the gameplay combat flow consistent I’d definitely be up to maybe trusting you again.


3) “Horizon: Zero Dawn” – Guerrilla Games (Release Date TBA 2016)

horizon zd

So let’s break it down: here we have an action based RPG developed by the creators of Killzone. So who do I throw my money at to get this?

I have full trust that they can do an action based RPG ten times better than Bungie did with the monstrosity of a game called “Destiny”. I will never get the hours back that I sat and dragged through the boring monotonous story of that game.

The guys at Guerrilla Games have definitely found their niche in post-apocalyptic action games, but this new one has giant robot dragons. Can it get any better?


2) “Matterfall” – Housemarque (Release Date TBA 2016)


Not much is known about this Sony exclusive (including a lack of promo material), but from what we can learn so far it’s a sci-fi action game where you shoot lots of futuristic weaponry at aliens, or to be more accurate, alien technology known as “Smart Matter”. So we’re bringing an end to this Smart Matter, you could even say we’re making the Matter fall. (Get it!? Matter-fall, because the name of the game. and, you know. Fuck you, I’m hilarious.)

Sony have said themselves they’re having a big year for games and judging from “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “Matterfall”, they really aren’t lying.


1) “Doom” – iD Software (Release Date TBA 2016)


Anyone heard that queen song about ‘Is this real life, or is this just fantasy?’ because we are getting another Doom game. Bethesda are doing us proud yet again in 2016 by publishing iD Software’s Doom.

As iD Software’s executive producer Marty Stratton put himself, the key principles of the latest incarnation of the Doom series is “badass demons, big effing guns and moving really fast.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play the alpha but from what fellow UDLR member Steve has to say “it was a lot of fun.” (Privileged words there folks)

If iD do a good job of this game like they did back in the 90’s with the original Doom’s, I will never again mock them for the joke that was ‘Rage’.


Honourable mention: Hideo Kojima (#fuckkonami)


This isn’t a game that is going to be released, but it’s something that has me so pumped I’m going to burst when news is announced.

When our lord and saviour Hideo Kojima went on ‘holiday’ from Konami (#fuckkonami) it wasn’t long until Sony snatched him up. I have no doubt that Kojima with his newly formed Kojima Productions will surely have some form of messed up, mind bending horror in store for us after the abrupt cancellation of Silent Hills (#fuckkonami).

Here’s hoping 2016 brings us news on the Japanese front!



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