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EA Sports annual demo of the FIFA series arrived yesterday in the form of FIFA 17, a lot of football fans (myself included) were eagerly waiting for the release so that they can get their hands on the latest instalment, fans in the UK were left waiting until 6pm though… a long wait for those who expected it to be in the store earlier in the day.

What Does The Demo Include?

One of the biggest talking points of FIFA 17 is the inclusion of the Frostbite engine and brand new Journey mode.

My first match was Inter Milan vs Lyon, my first initial reaction was that the engine does feel tweaked for a more tactical approach to the game rather than pass to the quickest player and run scenarios that so many FUT players take advantage of. The Frostbite engine is certainly apparent, the match day experience looks more immersive and I’m not sure if I just didn’t notice it on FIFA 16 but during a warm day there seems to be a haze in the air, when looking at the far stand.

The Journey is also included in the demo, users will be able to experience the debut of Alex Hunter (we’re sure it’s based on Marcus Rashford). Much like NBA2K MyCareer mode this allows players to take control of one superstar (Hunter) and playout their career through choices and on pitch performance, complete with brand new scenes and story dialogue. It’ll be interesting to see if EA Sports add to this mode once the Alex Hunter scenario has been completed.



During the demo you will be able to play as 12 teams in 3 stadiums. The available clubs in the demo are Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Lyon, PSG, Seattle Sounders, UANL Tigres, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Juventus and the world beaters… Gamba Osaka.

The 3 stadiums to play from include both day and night conditions with either dry or cloudy weather settings, unfortunately there is no snow or rain in the demo

Stamford Bridge – Chelsea
Suita City Football Stadium – Gamba Osaka
CenturyLink Field – Seattle Sounders

Set Pieces

Set pieces have been completely rewritten from scratch, corners, free kicks and penalties now have a new approach

Free kicks now allow you to pin point the location of the ball and set how much power should be applied to the delivery, this is based on a free kick that is out wide. I’ve yet to have been given a direct free kick so I’m not able to comment on that

Penalties allow you to move the taker left of right during the step up to adjust to your angle and desired shot position, a flick on the right thumbstick starts the run up and you then need to determine which side of the goal you’re aiming for and set how much power. In theory they’re still similar to penalties on FIFA 16, with the added run up and the fact that they look more natural.

Corners have changed the most, you’re now able to pin point where you want to deliver the ball and set the power, but you can also control a player to make a run to that position and attack the ball. Previous FIFA’s felt like a hit and hope situation but with FIFA 17 we feel much more care will be taken into providing the perfect delivery. Check out video below for an example of the new corner system


The gameplay does feel slower, although this is no bad thing. It feels as though you really need to work and prod at the defences to unlock them. My usual approach on FIFA 16 was not working so I had to change my gameplan and work out the oppositions weakness and learn my teams strengths. On Professional or above you really will face a challenge breaking teams down but I much prefer this as for me winning 5-0, 6-1, 4-1, 7-0 really does get boring. Nothing beats the excitement of scoring a 90th minute winner against a very stubborn team.

We’ve collected a few examples of our goals below, check them out and send us the goals you’ve scored.

The FIFA 17 demo is out now and the release date for the full game is September 27th 2016, mark that in your diary and plan a day off work, perhaps these excuses will help.

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