Lovable and Scary Monsters on Dragon Quest Heroes

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When you hear the word monsters most people will automatically think of a grotesque and mutated being that is likely to turn your undergarments an undesirable colour… not these ones though. We almost want to give them a cuddle.

Square Enix today released an infographic explaining the background of these iconic monsters in the game and ones that you will be battling throughout the game, you can download them from here or see below.

The images displays the evolution of Slime, Metal Slime, Gigantes and Healslime. There is 8-bit designs from Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest 2: Luminaries of the Legendary Lines to newer versions in Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and Blight Below. Fans new and old to the series will enjoy finding out more about the monsters that they can become friends with or the monsters they are likely to battle.

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What’s the game about?

The city of Arba has been covered in a dark cloud which has turned the cute and peaceful monsters into a mad state of rage! Players can choose to play as Hero Luceus or Heroine Aurora while joining up with iconic characters from previous Dragon Quest games in an attempt to bring normality back to the mad monsters and make the kingdom as it was before the whole madness occured.

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