Mafia 3 Review

New Bordeaux in 1968

We won’t lie, the casual racism thrown around in this game is jaw dropping but it IS part of what makes the Mafia 3 so unique. Without this element of the game the story wouldn’t lend itself in the same way and we don’t think players would care so much for the main protagonist Lincoln Clay. It’s the racial issues that he and others have to deal with that helps you like Lincoln Clay’s character


The first thing people need to look past is that although it may seem like a Grand Theft Auto clone it is not! Take GTA out of the scenario and you will find a very enjoyable game with some pretty solid mechanics behind Lincoln Clay. The best gameplay feature is the gun play, shooting feels tight and each bullet feels like it packs a punch when smashing through someone’s rib cage. Driving is a little arcadey to begin with but there is an option to turn the driving setting to simulation which adds a little more realism to the way a car handles. Some missions will require you to sneak around stealthily. This includes jumping behind cover to cover and silently taking foes down from behind.

In between missions you will be required to complete side quests to unlock further story missions which themselves unlock new abilities such as calling in a hit squad, bringing a weapons van and collecting cash you are carrying. The side missions do become quite repetitive, simple tasks of fetch this vehicle and deliver it to me tend to get tedious after the 4/5th time. The bonus to this though is that you are rewarded with an achievement once completed with the certain character, at least that offers some form of reward for the rinse and repeat.

The story is where Mafia 3 shines brightest, we don’t want to go into too much details without spoiling it. The base of it though is about Lincoln Clay taking revenge on Sal Marcano and his minions, as he hunts down all of them and does what is necessary to make rights wrong. As the story progresses other characters will question your morality and towards the end of the game you are given a choice that may shape Mafia 4 (if there is to be one) or possibly DLC

Graphics and Sound

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When not glitching out or showing weird textures the graphics on Mafia 3 can be stunning (see the image below showing the backdrop of the city). Character models are well imagine and the world of New Bordeaux really does feel like a living a breathing city. The sound is standard in fairness, nothing special to write. The score behind some of the scenes is suited perfectly but the 3 radio stations of classic rock ‘n’ roll can begin to grate early on. However if you love this music on repeat then you may not agree with our assessment on that.


Replay Value

There is little replay value once the game in complete, missions could be played from a different approach or you could decide to be a complete bastard to the pedestrians and police. Little will keep us from returning to the game now it is complete. We’re hopeful for DLC which might read more into the fascinating story of Lincoln Clay


Mafia 3 is a lot better than we first anticipated, we had heard of some negative reviews but having given the game a fair chance and forgetting to compare it to the near perfect Grand Theft Auto makes us appreciate what a fun and solid game Mafia 3 is. The story is one of the best in game stories we have played in a long time, despite the issues with graphics and odd moments you can easily overlook to enjoy a good game.

This version was reviewed on Xbox One

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New Bordeaux Is A Fun Place To Be In 1968
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Sound - 7/10
  • Replay Value - 7/10


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