Merge VR Virtual Reality Headset

Virtually there…

Fly in space or perhaps even walk with the dinosaurs all from the comfort of your own home with the new Merge VR Headset available to pre-order only at GAME.

It comes at a respectable price of only £49.99. The headset is a great way for families to interact and to experience a new virtual world. Android & iOS will both be compatible with this and they already have a range of downloadable content on their stores ready for the release of the Merge VR.

GAME Customers will be able to take home the headset on 30th October when they pre-order online or in store.

In mid October stores accross the UK will be presenting demonstrations on the brand new technology.

Merge GogglesCharlotte Knight, UK Retail MD at GAME, comments: 

“Virtual Reality is the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. With gamers eager to see what’s coming next, we’re incredibly excited to give our customers exclusive access to this new technology. At GAME we’re passionate about making the latest technology accessible for everyone. The Merge VR headset does exactly that, offering the Virtual Reality experience to gamers and families. For those thinking about Christmas gifting, the Merge VR headset is the perfect present for under £50.”


You are also able to trade in games, software and hardware in exchange for cash or credit to help you pay for this headset.

We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these and try it out, hope you guys are excited cause we definitely are!!

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