Monster Loves You! launches on PS4.

Radial Games and Dejobaan Games have released Monster Loves You! (MLY), a life simulator for the PS4 where you live the life of a monster from birth to adulthood and beyond.

In MLY, you’re born in the town of Omen and make decisions that shape your future. When you meet the Big Bad Wolf, do you fight him off (+1 Bravery) or trick him into swallowing rocks (+1 Cleverness)? Do you devour Hansel and Gretel as a snack (+1 Ferocity) or do you help them find safety (+1 Kindness)? Your actions determine your personality and how others see you.

As you approach elderhood, your choices become tougher. Do you use your Kindness skill to encourage other monsters to understand and study their arch-enemies, the humans? Or do you use your Cleverness to lull the humans into a false sense of ease while gearing up for a slaughter? 14 endings mean that there’s a satisfying story both for players who like to rescue little children and for those who would eat them alive.

MLY is the first collaboration between Radial Games (best known for Fantastic Contraption) and Dejobaan Games (best known for Elegy for a Dead World and AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!). MLY charted at #1 under Steam’s indie games category, and has received an IGF Honorable Mention for Excellence in Narrative.

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