MXGP2 Out Now for Playstation 4 and Xbox One!

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The team behind The Official Motorcross Videogame – MXGP2 known as PQube are pleased to announce that MXGP2 is out now as of 08/04/16

We originally published news about MXGP2 back in January but we’re now at the day of reckoning and the game includes plenty of fun and exciting modes!

MXGP2’s impresive modes and features include…

  • Career Mode
  • Motorcrosss of Nations
  • Indoor Stadium Tracks
  • Real Events Mode
  • The new Test Track
  • Fully Customisable Rider Gear and Bikes
  • Improved Deformation on Tracks
  • Deep and Rewarding Control Scheme

Check out the trailer below for what to expect?

If you’re a huge Motorcross fan then we think you will love it! Let us know your thoughs

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