My thoughts about the 2016

Well, 2016 is nearly here, one of the most impatiently awaited games by me has to be the Division, a game developed by the French Ubisoft. People begin to really go towards more and more immersive and realistic games. Simply looking at the scarce gameplay available I could seriously feel the threat and the … apparent wintery desolation of the devastated area.

I love the fact that the game so far looks quite large and thus the liberty for the player to discover the map on his own terms is something that any player can count on.

If we look at games overall… whether it is an action game such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty or Battlefield, or adventure like Far Cry or Just Cause, maps tend to be bigger and try to deliver more and more ways of taking the objective. The drive to making games more ” free roamy”, and more up to the player is on the rise.


Another interesting observation is that the numbers of various Science Fiction/ Post-Apocalyptic fandoms is on the rise yet again. I think we can all thank Metro 2033/4 and the Fallout genre for that.


Will Division become such a blockbuster of the Last of Us magnitude remains to be seen of course. But if I’d be a betting man, I’d bet a tenner on the Division to become a popular game next Spring… that is if they won’t decide on another delay of course.


T800 out!


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