Upcoming MMORPG, Dogma: Eternal Night

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Prelude Games Factory, a Russian based studio from Saint Petersburg have been working on a project (used to be called dogmat, describes religious dogma quite well) call Dogma: The Eternal Night, a gothic MMORPG that is based off the real world but something isn’t quite right… sounds a bit like Manchester. The art style reminds me of a modernised version of 19th century London, the clothing, the lighting, the cities, hell even the UI from the screenshots. It looks like we’ll have plenty of costumes to choose from but with a colour palette consisting of grey, dark grey, black and a hint of red. Let’s have a quick look at some features in the project.

Dogma:EN character

(Character customisation shown with the nice palette of dark colours a gothic game needs: http://dogma-universe.com)

  • Perma-death – similar to the real world. I can imagine the developers want to keep you on the edge of your seat and practically filling your trousers if your health gets low but most of us in reality have already given up on life. Obviously the one life for this game will have a more strategic mind-set as to who you fight when and what to do where, hopefully giving a good mix of puzzle and challenge.


  • Dynamic environments – where your surroundings and characters will react to your actions. A lot of studios have promised this kind of vague engine ability but it’s 2015 and MMOs have been doing impressive things recently so I do have hopes. I just hope that they all don’t do mundane things instead of doing things that will excite us or do something that affects the game time.


  • No boundaries – this applies to your character development in terms of abilities and choices. What they’re trying to say is, you could possibly have a rogue type character that uses a heavy machine gun instead of a set of small knives which honestly, small knives are so impractical, listen teenagers, they’re just not cool.

Dogma:EN environment

(Hopefully, we’ll soon see how interactive everything is in a gameplay trailer: http://dogma-universe.com)

The founder and Lead Designer of Prelude Games Factory, Denis Petrov says “We’re an independent studio that consists of gamers. We believe it’s a great opportunity for us to share our passion for games with people all across the world.” Seeing as it is an independent studio, I hope to see a lot of different and fresh takes on the MMO genre seeing as they’re independent. Also, seeing as they’re gamers like us, they’ll understand the importance of customisable characters and costumes, I don’t want to see a bunch of palette swaps for the same 15 costumes and would rather see a diverse amount of outfits with less palette variation. For me personally, customisation is a big thing, why do you think I like Guild Wars 2 so much? Plenty of costumes and abilities to change there.

Their Kickstarter opens up on November 24th and there will be plenty of rewards to backers as well as updates on the game itself. It’s up to you if you want to back a goth inspired MMORPG set in a weird version of our world, kinda sounds like the Secret World… but better.

If you want to find out more for yourself, go ahead and contact the studio at pr@pgfstudio.com or check out their website at www.dogma-universe.com

Written by Carwyn Jones, part of Up Down Left Right Games.

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