One Wrong Move Can Change Your Fate On Stories: The Path Of Destinies

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Stories: The Path Of Destinities

Stories: The Path of Destinies brought to you by Spearhead Games have today released a new trailer which demonstrates how the hero’s fate can be decided by just one wrong, despite the fairytale like charm, protaganist Reynardo isn’t in for an easy ride at all! Take a look at the trailer below

Stories: The Path of Destinies is due out on the 12th April for both Playstation 4 and PC

Who Is Reynaldo?

Reynaldo is an ex-pirate fox who is setting out to put an end to the war with the mad Emperor who has been trying to consume the entire realm. The Rebellion is finished and Reynaldo’s next moves will seal the fate of everything… we can only hope Reynaldo can get things right this time and set his poor record straight!

Of course you will meet many unexpected and unfortunate ends for Reynaldo but luckily his mysterious tome will allow him to rewind time and try an alternative plan. You’ll be able to craft different swords, equipment and collect treasures while plotting a new plan. Learning from previous mistakes is something you will need to get to grips with quick!

Will you be purchasing a copy of Stories: The Path of Destinies on either Playstation 4 or PC, let us know in the comment below.

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