Our Top 5 Call of Duty Maps

Black Ops 4 has just recently been announced and it made us start to think what kind of maps would be included, whether it would be boots to the ground again or have an element of verticality once more

While we pictures the idea of map types it got us thinking about the best maps on Call of Duty, here are our Top 5 Call of Duty Maps.

Do you agree with any of the maps in the above video? If not let us know your favourites in the comments and let us know why

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How do I put this... from the moment I was born I was trying to grab a controller. Gaming is part of my DNA, if I didn't have gaming I honestly don't know what I would do with myself. Nothing beats switching off from the real world and dropping into an apocalyptic world on very hard setting with one bullet remaining, 10 super charged enemies and 10% of health left...

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