PREVIEW: Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved

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As a growing community, we are more than willing to welcome our UDLR social media members to join in with their opinions and share their gaming experiences. So therefore today we have had a guest editor write an article on Ark Survival Evolved…

Jay Farmer from our Facebook Page & Group has written the following about the newest preview game on the Xbox One. Here’s what Jay had to say about this title.

Ark: survival evolved So I downloaded ark last night and got a whole hour to play this massive game to then be told it would be around £30.

In this fun filled hour of punching trees and dinosaurs trying to find flint to make a fire, I realized this is like Minecraft but with really nice graphics and things that will eat you.

Ark Survival Evolved

This adds a new meaning to the survival type genre, the game tells you nothing. I went into the solo play to see what it was like as I only had an hour and when you start on a beach with nothing but a pair of pants and your fists I thought dam where do I go, what do I do. So I pulled up the skill tree window and learned how to make a fire. My next task was to find the ingredients. There was my next problem I have nothing to cut trees with, so I just punched the wood out of the trees.

I’m now about 15 – 20 mins in and I have learned to make a small pick axe to get to work. I make a small campfire. Then I make a huge mistake and wander in to the jungle in search of materials to get me going, next thing I know I’ve been eaten by a dinosaur about 20 levels higher than me. So it’s back to my last checkpoint, thankfully I still have my fire, axe and the knowledge not to wander into jungles alone.

Ark Survival Evolved


It’s now coming close to my hour of free game play as the constant messages on screen keep telling me and I feel like I haven’t done anything except keep myself warm and hunt for food and clothes.

I did however have a few problems while playing. I could not find a way to make my hud fit into my screen, there was no rough guide to tell you how to equip items and use them and that you just get dumped on a beach and have no idea what to do.

In conclusion I think this game will be very fun with friends (which we couldn’t get to work) as it will take a lot of gameplay hours to get your character up and running. For serious RPG Gamers this looks like it will be a lot of fun if you like not having a clue what your doing.

Ark Survival Evolved

For £30ish this will be a game for me but unroll I get a proper play of it I can’t give it higher than 6/10 Thanks for reading and I hope this helped if your planning on getting ark. Have a good day guys and gals.



Jay Farmer

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