PUBG Is Coming To PS4… Just Not Yet…

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds was one of the biggest hits of 2017 on the PC and the Xbox One, and the CEO of PUBG Corp. has said that it would be coming to other platforms in the future.

“As it’s going to be an exclusive title on Xbox One for some time, we’d like to focus on completing the Xbox One PUBG for now,” Chang Han Kim stated in a recent interview with Inven Global when asked about the PlayStation 4 version of the game. “If we have the opportunity, the final goal would be to launch the title on every platform.”

Not only is the game a timed exclusive for the Xbox One platform, but Sony doesn’t offer any kind of early access program. That means that PUBG would have to be finished and ready to go before it launched on the PlayStation 4. That can be seen as either a weakness or a strength of the platform, depending on your feelings about early access software.

“Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox One are like pre-release, so they don’t have a restriction on quality,” Kim explained. “However, PS is very strict about this. There were cases where a game took six months more to launch even when it was already completed. We are still in the stage of learning the console development environment and console gamers’ taste. We need to think about other platforms after evaluating and completing the Xbox One version first.”

So don’t expect the game on the PlayStation 4 any time soon. This situation actually works out well for the developer, as it can finish the Xbox One version of the game during the exclusivity period and then have a better idea of how to launch a finished version on the PlayStation 4 when that opportunity presents itself.

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