Rainbow Six: Siege Beta Extended + FREE Xbox One Beta invite Codes!!

The Rainbow Six: Siege Beta was due to end on 1st October, but this has now been extended to the 4th October, great news for gamers who have only just acquired a code.

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Ubisoft earlier today announced the following on their website…

Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta thus far. This is one of the largest betas that Ubisoft has ever done, and needless to say, we’ve learned a lot since last Thursday and are looking forward to sharing with you the impact of this testing period on our game at launch, on December 1st.


We’ve already identified areas for long-term improvement for launch on our dedicated servers and matchmaking, and we’ve also pushed several updates that have helped ease the experience for the short-term.


Moreover, just as we did after the Closed Alpha and Road to Montreal, we will be getting back to you with how the collected data and your feedback has affected the game.


For now, with access issues mostly resolved, we are taking the following actions:

  • Closed Beta extended through the rest of the weekend, ending on October 4th.
  • Starting today, we will begin sending emails to all American and European players who have played at least one match in the Closed Beta before 2:00PM EST, September 29th 2015. These emails will contain immediate access codes that can be used by the players to get their friends in the beta. Those keys will be for the same platform as the player who qualified for friend referral. For example, if a player plays on Xbox One, he will receive additional Xbox One keys for his or her friends.
  • There will be a Double Renown event starting Friday, 8:00PM EST with a 2x renown bonus. This is a great chance to unlock some more operators, attachments and skins.

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