Reload your guns! Blue Rider is not done yet.

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Blue Rider

Are you looking for a video game that takes you on a trip to peaceful and dreamy beaches, magnificent and thought-provoking mountain landscapes, or to the furthest corners of the jungle… with robots to shoot at? Then look no further, you robot slayer! Ravegan Studio have relaunched their amazing creation, Blue Rider, with new key features and a not-to-be-missed limited deal, that will allow you to get this old school shoot-em’-up with a great discount!

Faster and tougher than ever, Blue Rider now comes with improved performance features. And answering to their fans demands, we have included nine (9) Trading Cards that you can freely collect and trade on Steam. If you already own the game, have no fear: you will automatically get the Trading Cards as well.

Blue Rider

Want to sweeten the deal? Brace for impact, then! Because for a limited time, Blue Raider will be available with a staggering 40% discount. No, that’s not a typo. If you buy now, you’ll get Blue Rider 40% off.

This special offer as well as the upgrades will all be available on July 7th.

So hop in and take off with us in this action-driven adventure that brings back the spirit and nonstop challenge of one of the most classic and beloved genres of the industry. Blue Rider will put your nerves and reflexes to the test, and will guarantee you hours and hours of entertainment.

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