Rock Out With Your Chick Out… oh and Zombies

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a female rock band was attacked by a horde of zombie? No? Us neither but Quanternion Studios and EnjoyUp Games have! The have released news of Rock Zombie coming to Xbox One on the 4th December, time to tune the band then…

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What’s it all about then?

This bizarre and unique twist of a game features 3 characters to choose from and believe it or not they aren’t your typical female heroes no, instead they are Rock Chicks/Metalheads known as Zoe, Sasha and Crystal. Gameplay is based on classic 90’s games like Golden Age, but instead with modern 3D graphics (oh the wonders of technology).

There are 20 levels available to fight through where players will encounter all kinds of different enemies, drive cars, ride on motorcycles, a wide range of weapons, costumes, concept art and much more with unlockables available at the Zombie Museum. The story is told in comic book style strips which are inserted between sections in the game, there is said to be 300 of these.

This is certainly a one of a kind game, what are your thoughts on this?

Take a look at a gameplay video below taken from the Wii U

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