Rocket League applies divisional updates

Rocket League

Rocket League realigns its divisions in Season 2 update

Rocket league is set to enter its second season and the patch will be available in February claims developer Psyonix who also reveal its releasing 12 new competitive divisions.

The divisions are included in below

rocket league divisions

All players will be re-ranked, but they won’t have to grind up through lower levels to return to a corresponding rank of play. They’ll need to play 10 placement matches, and those outcomes, plus the player data that will be transferred from the first year of Rocket League, will result in a ranking under the new system.

Promotion will not be an instant thing; Psyonix says players will be promoted “after your skill has risent consistently to the next division up.” By the same token, relegation to a lower division will not immediately occur with one or two bad losses.

Rocket League

Season 2 will retain the top-100 leaderboard ranked according to skill rating. Also, to lessen confusion, “rank points” are being ditched entirely, and the ranking metric will be the skill rating from now on.

Don’t forget Rocket League will also be available on Xbox One in February as previously mentioned in our release schedule

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