Satellite Repairman release date revealed

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Indie game developer Nuno Donato announced it’s newest game titled “Satellite Repairman” – a mixture of action, base building and strategy with the indie touch, to be released on the 2nd of February 2017.

The game’s Steam Store page is already launched featuring videos and screenshots of the gameplay:
It’s official website is at

About Satellite Repairman

All the planets in the system have suddenly decided that the galaxy isn’t big enough for all of them! You’re not sure who launched the first missile and it doesn’t really matter! You’ve got nothing to do with it… you are just… the satellite repairman!

As a Qualified Satellite Repairman, you must manage a complex system of satellites to ensure that your planet is able to maintain its defenses from incoming missile threats. Repair, upgrade, research and launch new satellites and plug-able modules. Maintain the vital GPS and Cell signals to keep communications alive throughout the planet, ensuring a quick and efficient defense to counter enemy attacks.

How long can you last?

Different Gameplay Modes

  • Mission Scenarios (goal-oriented levels)
  • Endless Survival (survive attack waves)
  • Sandbox mode (create your own challenges)

Research new technology
Use the Research Center to upgrade and research new technology, improving your skills, unlocking new satellites modules and defense systems.

Plan and deploy
Order and deploy new satellites and buildings to lay out a perfect defensive strategy for your planet.

3 different planets
Play across 3 different planets, each with its own challenges.

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