Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 2 is crawling towards release

Sapphire Dragon Productions has announced the release of “Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 2” for Windows PCs.

It’s scheduled to be released for 30th September.

People are disappearing! All that is left is puddles of crimson blood, ammonia and many desiring questions. Your mission for the real truth is far from finished. You promise yourself that you not stop at anything to find justice for everyone that has vanished from Silver Creek Falls.

1One week after the eerie events occurred in Silver Creek Falls, the sleepy town in North Carolina, USA is hit with yet another tragedy. An FBI agent is brutally murdered in cold blood in his own home. No one knows who did it or why. Only one thing is clear Silver Creeks Fall has a terror lurking within their wings.

Continue the mystery on exclusively on SteamTM. Silver Creek Falls:
The 2nd installment in the “Silver Creek Falls” saga, is a mystery/adventure game featuring:• A deep, thrilling and immersive story
• Mysterious background stories
• Orchestral and Ambient Soundtrack
• Beautiful and unique art style
• Hidden and non-hidden items
• Eerie environment
• Explore the town of “Silver Creek Falls” and unlock its secrets • Original and challenging puzzles for those who like to think


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