Star Wars Battlefront 2 cinematic trailer leaked: more of a focus on the solo campaign

It was meant to be first shown during the Star Wars Celebration taking place from April 13-16, but the internet has been swept with Star Wars fever earlier than anticipated due to a leak. This 30 second trailer previews certain gameplay that was left out of the first EA release, such as the ability to fly and fight in space, all eras covered, and most importantly a single player campaign.

I’ve been very critical of the 2015 release, particularly its lack of solo campaign. As someone who loved the original Star Wars Battlefront games, and really became a fan of the films because of the earlier games on N64, I was really disappointed at how lacklustre the 2015 release felt. This trailer seems to indicate that EA are aware of the criticism for the last game and are trying to rectify this.

With the history that EA has for focusing too much on online play, or asking players to pay too much for a ‘full game’, I’m still wary of Battlefront 2. Hopefully telling “the untold soldier’s story” will relate to a compelling single player campaign. I could see something similar to Battlefield 1, where they choose to tell one-off stories from separate characters, but I hope for something more similar to the originals. Either way EA do seem to be focussing more on the story, even with Fifaand this trailer seems to indicate a step in the right direction.

Written by Stan Cohen


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