Strong rumour: The next Call of Duty is going to be Ghosts 2

According to the guys at Fraghero and Games TM Magazine the next Call of Duty is going to be Ghosts 2. This is due to a leak in the Games TM magazine that one user sent to Fraghero and it was under the heading of ‘2016 Most Wanted Games’. Infinity Ward confirmed on the 11th February that they were developing the next Call of Duty game and if these rumours are to be believed it is Ghosts 2, Infinity Ward did develop the first Ghosts and the popular Modern Warfare series.

Ghosts didn’t go down as a Infinity Ward classic but the Modern Warfare series certainly was a fan favourite. Here’s hoping that the time Infinity Ward have been spending on the next Call of Duty game will return the game to it’s earlier roots.


See the image below that Fraghero were sent showing the article in question

Ghosts 2Now we’re not sure if this is an error on Games TM’s behalf or whether they genuinely have some solid inside information, we’re thinking the latter Games TM also mention that the next Battlefield will be set during World War 1, a notion that seems very correct across the internet right now and they also mentioned Destiny 2 is due for late 2016 release.

The transcript in the magazine reads as follows

When creative strategist Robert Bowling exited Infinity Ward in 2012, he put the departure down to the studio doing “too much ‘pew pew’ not enough new new.” We got a look at what he meant with the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts – a solid, yet unspectacular next-gen debut for the franchise. Infinity Ward will have had three years to work on a follow up, and it needs to showcase the same creative spark that once put in on the map with Modern Warfare back in ’08 if it wants any chance of standing shoulder to shoulder with Sledgehammer and Treyyarch.

Whether or not this rumour is true it’s certainly something to keep an eye on! Stay with Faceless Gaming and we’ll keep you up to date.

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Article credit goes to Fraghero


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