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Surviving in Space Can Be Harsh

Gathering resources in sub zero temperatures to fix your rocket is no laughing matter, but for the crew in Symmetry it is a harsh reality! Crew members are tasked with keeping warm, growing food, getting enough sleep and salvages electronic parts to help fix electrical parts for the rocket


We won’t lie, on our first attempt of this game we killed all 3 crew members in 2-3 minutes… I think we failed to repair the refrigerator and deprived our crew of sleep, it was a very harsh lesson indeed. Second time round we manage to survive and actually escape on the rocket after 56 days. Crew members have different skill sets that include foraging for wood to keep the base warm, preparing food to keep hunger levels up and salvaging for electrical parts to help maintain generators and upgrade/fix necessary equipment to help for a successful launch. Each crew member can study additional skills by sitting on the computer and running some research on the topic.

We started off with John, Anna and Juliet… unfortunately Anna and Juliet died pretty early on, around the 10 day mark. John only fended for himself for a day or two it seemed and we had some backup arrive. Our naivety did get the majority of our crew killed but the good thing is (if you are into that kind of thing) that you can either eat or bury fallen crew members. Naturally we buried the first death, but curiosity got the better of us on future deaths and we ate some of the crew. By doing so caused blood to spill out of the refrigerator and filled it’s food capacity to full. Much with wood and electronics the storage facilities can be upgraded to hold a higher quantity.

We experienced a very tense finale, on day 56 we were down to 2 members… (sorry fallen comrade we forgot your name, he was bald and wore a black t-shirt & jeans). We had just accumulated enough electrical parts to fix the final part of the rocket, carrying the parts back to base fallen comrade succumbed to the cold and died, Richard however was a trooper! He battled through the -60 temperatures to deposit the final electrical parts before making a final dash on bare minimal health to reach the rocket, it was a very satisfying ending to a well earned victory

There is a narrative throughout the game which includes a giant AI in the background and the moments of odd glitching appearing on screen, scenes of blood, cars, trees… we did scratch our head trying to work out the connection.

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Graphics and Sound

Graphically the game has a charm to it, the 2D almost cell shaded graphics are colourful and the use of weather conditions adds to the sense of atmosphere on the planet, at some stages the visibility is quite low and it is difficult to work out where the crew are, this adds to the experience.

The sound is solid, sound of wind, ambience and noises of crew members activating the machines and/or salvaging adds to the depth of the moment

Replay Value

Once complete you will unlock Survival Mode where Miner 4 cannot be repaired and the challenge is more to see how long you can survive. Our first play through was 56 days, we do wanted to see if we can beat this and now we understand the mechanics of the game a lot more clearly now we are confident we can beat that. There is definitely reason to play again, whether it is seeing how long we can last on survival mode or trying to beat the number of days it takes to escape


The initial learning curve for this game can be though, but after 5-10 minutes you should start to understand the role of each crew members and will know how to manage them effectively to keep everything running as smooth as possible. The challenge surviving the cold will be your most difficult challenge! Good luck Symmertrians!

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A Rewarding But Tough Survival Simulator
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Graphics - 8/10
  • Sound - 8/10
  • Replay Value - 8/10


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