The Bug Butcher is Coming to Console

The Bug Butcher invites you to a mysterious world filled with creepy spiders, frightening bugs and terrifying monsters. Your job is simple, exterminate all the bugs while protecting the crazy scientists who are hacking the facility’s mainframe. Only if they succeed, you will be able to progress further into the facility and continue your journey to unravel the mystery of why the bugs have taken control!

Upgrade your character with new equipment, equip dynamic perks and unleash your arsenal of powerful weapons such as rocket launchers, lasers and miniguns on all bugs that stand in your way!

Just in case you’re having a hard time destroying all the bugs on your own, you can try to neutralize the threat by bringing one of your friends into the ‘Panic mode’, a mode where you fight endless waves of bugs in order to achieve the highest possible score!

The Bug Butcher has been a hit title on Steam since its release in January 2016, after having successfully completed the ‘early access’-program. Triangle Studios has teamed up with Awfully Nice Studios in creating a console version of The Bug Butcher to make sure that now anyone around the world is able to get in on the butchering of bugs!

On October 18th, The Bug Butcher will be available on Playstation 4 and The Xbox One version will launch on October 19th


  • 30 missions to complete with various game mechanics and boss fights;
  • Local co-op to annihilate bugs while enjoying the company of a friend;
  • An endless ‘Panic’-mode to make sure your bug butchering needs are satisfied;
  • Over 25 upgrades to unlock to finish off more bugs!

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Source Credit – Games Press


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