The Dwarves Kickstarter Success

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Kickstarting The Dwarves in to gear!

A kickstarter campaign that was backed by nearly 5000 people has helped raise an impressive ($260,000) £171,623 so far which has helped developers KING Art Games produce The Dwarves. King Art Games campaign is still operating as they are aiming for more which includes creating new game modes, co-op multiplayer, extra quests, a new character and much, much more as they continue with the support from the community.


The Victorious Battlecry

As King Giselbert’s battlecry echoes over the battlezone at the Stone Gate exclaiming ““Be as steadfast as the granite of which we are made!”

The prologue which sounds a little grim is describing a battle which happened over a 1000 years ago. This RPG is sure to get you in the mood for victorious battles and to get revenge on the fallen!


The video below explains the games features, how the combat works, how enemies react to different conditions, how to deal with special attacks and what the crowd combat system actually is. Watch the video until the end and you will see a small exploring clip showing Tungdil wandering though the Vaults of Lot-Ionan. Enjoy the video!

(Please note that the video is an early development version so a lot may change, but it will give you a good first impression of how it will look.)

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  1. Jamie says:

    Looks pretty cool, the combat looks fun. If this is multiplayer I think it could be a blast with friends.

  2. Tremendous Mario 64 is maybe one of many largest developments within the series since
    the original sport.

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