The Escapists Duct Tape is Forever DLC

The Escapists Duct Tapes Are Forever

Who Brought the Duct Tape Along?

Award winning Sandbox The Escapists is set to launch new DLC titled Duct Tapes Are Forever which will keep you entertained trying to escape the prisons! The game itself has already sold over 700,000 copies on PC, PS4 & Xbox One.

Team 17 and independent developers Mouldy Toof have revealed a brand new challenge for their breakout hit which is going to be available to download on the PS4 & PC on the 3rd November and on the Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self publishing program on the 4th November.

You may remember Team 17 as the business that created WORMS! I loved that game.

Here is a little video courtesy of Team 17 which includes the trailer for console systems PS4 & Xbox One


The DLC includes 6 new unique prisons to escape from, Escaping won’t be easy though. You will need avoid the attention of guards and work around the strict prison schedule.

Captured by a heinous villain and trapped in his underground lair, you must use all your spy cunning to sneak into restricted areas and gather the necessary items you’ll need to craft together to pull off your explosive break for freedom!- Bethany, Team 17


You will need to earn some hard cash to make your escape plans become a reality, this can be achieved by getting a prison job and performing favours for fellow inmates. Don’t forget to find a good place to hide your valuables. You’ll also be able to barter with traders for tools and crafting materials which become essential

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