The game which has led to comparisons to Dark Souls – Eliosi’s Hunt.

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Eliosi's Hunts

TDZ Games releases the public demo for its top-down action-platformer and announces a Kickstarter for the end of July

Eliosi’s Hunt’s demo was released followed by an announce of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This challenging sci-fi game is inspired by Crash Bandicoot and Metal Slug, combining shooting and platforming.
The demo is available to download via Steam on the link: .

The game is being well received by the public, attracting for its visuals and difficulty, leading to comparisons with games like Dark Souls, famous by its high level of difficulty.

Along with the demo, TDZ Games’ team announced a Kickstarter to fund the end of development and the game’s launch, with statues, comic books, artbooks and a lot of other things as rewards for contributing to the crowdfunding.
Eliosi’s Hunt will be on Kickstarter by the end of July. The game will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

About the game
Eliosi’s Hunt is a sci-fi top-down shooter and platformer with a unique universe, challenging gameplay and beautifully crafted graphics.

You play as Eliosi, an ingenious young zelicyan who dreams of becoming a bounty hunter, but completing his first contract will be more challenging than he thinks.

During your journey, you will face monsters from nature, mutated creatures, bloodthirsty tribes, natural phenomena, a robot army and more.

Eliosi can use several weapons and equipment to help him through the dangers and obstacles around him, and of course, his companion drone, a little robot that he created to help in his adventures. The route will give you the opportunity to upgrade your drone and your skills, but to do that, you must go to the most dangerous places in the planet.

It will take a lot of persistence and will to learn from the mistakes for this young zelicyan to fulfill his dream.

Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, the team from TDZ Games works to create impressive visuals and a fun and dynamic gameplay, building the best experience for the game.

Source: GamesPress

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